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to the homepage of the

missing-link-institut (mli)

Competence Center for

Biography Analysis,

Organisational Developement

and Future Casting

and the homepage of

Prof. em. Dr. Peter-W. Gester, Dipl.-Psych.

Psychological Psychotherapist (LPK BW)

Child- and Youth Psychotherapist (LPK BW)

Supervisor Self-Awareness Supervisor (LPK BW)

for Systemic Therapy Hypnotic Psychotherapy Behavioural Therapy

Teaching Therapist Teaching Supervisor (DGSF/SG)
Teaching Coach (DGSF/SG) Senior Coach (DBVC

Lecturer in Systemic Management (DGSF/SG)


The missing-link-institute provides continuing

education, seminars and organizational consultancy

and Peter-W. Gester develops those models and

concepts used therein.

The brands are also products of his work.


The dog?
He is named Godzilla but called Godzelchen or Godziehlie. He keeps

his eyes and ears open and contributes as needed.